What to do when you are personally offended

There are ways to thicken your skin and enjoy life with more happiness and less contention. Try asking yourself these questions: Does this really matter? Did he or she really mean it the way I was just about to take it? Is he or she truly actually trying to hurt me or maybe just stressed out? What is he or she really trying to say? Unless proven otherwise assume the person in question has noble intent. Maybe the language was clumsy, but assume a good heart. That should take the sting out of the bite and put some happiness back in your day.

Stay calm, even if an ignorant racist offends your culture. Convey disapproval or discomfort, without provoking a defensive reaction. Question their use of the words or action so you can gauge their intent: “Why do you say/do that?”
Convey your feelings: Let them know how the comment or joke makes you feel. If that does not help, try to avoid this kind of people.

“We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it.” (Abraham Lincoln)


Link of the month: http://www.offliberty.com (easy download online youtube video audio)



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